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Moonbeam - The Minerva Bookmark Manager

Moonbeam provides a simple way to keep track of all your bookmarks in a central location, instead of being attached to whichever browser you're currently using. This scores wins over services like del.icio.us because the data is kept on your server.

Additionally, each bookmark can be assigned an arbitrary number of metatags, so web sites that don't fit neatly into one category can be given both of them (e.g. geek, and humour), which also makes finding them easier.

Moonbeam requires MySQL and PHP.


$ mysql -u your_username -h your_machine_name -p < createdb.sql
Then enter your password, and fill in the same details to config.inc. Copy all the files into a directory under your web server root (e.g. /var/www) and then you're away.

There are some example bookmarks in the init.php file. A Firefox importer is in progress. (If you have one - please contribute it!)


The project is split into three parts.

* set-up and initialization (createdb.sql, init.php)

* database and backend (database.inc, config.inc, structs.inc)

* front end (moonbeam.php)

Several alternate front-end options will be made available shortly.


  • sort meta tag names
  • readonly flag
  • Firefox importer
  • Front end for WARP
  • Front end with frames
  • prepare 'friendly' bookmark list

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