Linux Home Automation for the Masses
Smart Home Show Smart Home technology means controlling the homes environment in a way to suit and enhance the way you want to live. Thus making life more enjoyable, comfortable, easier and secure.

There are lots of .intelligent. devices available for your home . gadgets that make our life a lot easier. But imagine living in a Smart Home where all the automated functions such as home cinema, multi-room audio, lighting and security can be controlled by you at the touch of a button.

A visit to the Smart Home Show will convince you that your home needs to have this technology. It.s the largest dedicated event that brings together the latest products and services on the market.

Following the success of the Smart Home Show at the NEC, Birmingham, we have another successful event The Smart Home Zone at The London Homebuilding & Renovating Show.

Comment:Minerva won't be appearing since we're an open source project and the big boys don't like us trying to muscle in ;) But our spies will be going to elicit the best ideas for your favourite Open Source Home Automation suite. (i.e. us!)

10th-13th April 2008. NEC, Birmingham

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