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Administration Applets

These are all simple applets, relying only on WARP and the underlying operating system to work. Developers wanting an easy example should start with one of these.
Name Version Description
Bluetooth Beta

Reports the Bluetooth configuration status, and any devices within range.

lets you specific which drives are to be reported.

Download: Base Minerva Install

UPS Beta

Detail the full stats of the connected UPS (uninteruptable power supply).

Download: Base Minerva Install

Free Space Beta

Reports the free and used space on the configured drives, just like df.

The configuration file, /warp/conf/diskfree/diskfree.conf lets you specific which drives are to be reported.

Download: Base Minerva Install

UA Beta

Lists the UA strings, as passed through to PHP. Useful for debugging WARP applets.

Download: Base Minerva Install

Samba Status Beta

A direct call through to smbstatus.

Download: Base Minerva Install

Top Beta

An on-line version of top. Developers should note the method by which the columns are sorted, and this configuration information kept.

Download: Base Minerva Install

Static Text Beta

Simply renders a file (with HTML tags, if supplied) into the window. Useful for help pages, and static reports. The default install includes a short commentary on WebFace and WARP. These files are held in the /warp/conf/static/ directory. It multiple files exist, you can scroll through them with the left and right arrows.

Download: Base Minerva Install

Logger Beta

This reads the information in a given file, and lists each line on a separate row. You can sort on the row index, or the text on the line. Good for logs, as the name suggests.

The specific log file is passed as an argument when constructing the applet. e.g.

$appman->AddApplet(new Warp_Logger_Applet("X10 Heyu", "/var/log/heyu/heyu.log.ttyS0"));

Download: Base Minerva Install

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