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Information Applets

These provide information to enhance your life. Although not necessary for day-to-day living (see Life Applets) they are highly desirable.
Name Version Description
Photo Frame Alpha

An applet to display single images into the main window, or full-screen so it can be used as a screen-saver, or image in a digital photo frame. Clicking on the main picture will open the picture to occupy the full browser window. You can then click on the left and right of the picture to scroll through them. Return to the main window by clicking in the bottom central third of the image. More...

Download: Base Minerva Install

Weather Alpha

In combination with a daily crontab job (run from ~minerva/update/weather, this presents the weather in a simple textual form.

Download: Base Minerva Install

Future Plans: Graphics would benice!

Currency Calculator Preliminary

Downloads real-time currency information, and generates a large conversion table for any two selected currencies.

Twitter Beta

This simply reports the basic information from the friends_timeline of your Twitter account. Add the username and password to the config script, and away you go.

To use the Bearskin tool, twit, which updates your twitter status, modify the you will need to add your login credentials to the script.

Dependencies: curl

Download: Twitter Minerva Applet

Future Plans: Graphics would benice!

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