Linux Home Automation for the Masses

Life Applets

This rather grand name applies to those tasks you would do in your normal every day life, whether or not there was a computer involved. e.g. checking your diary, switching lights on, etc.
Name Version Description
X10 Control Alpha

Control of X10 appliances and lighting through a web interface. This is shown extensively in the zdnet homebrew video. Since X10 is a protocol that lives on your powerline, any compatible X10 module can be controlled by the software, including lights, kettles, curtain rails and central heating systems. More...

Download: Base Minerva Install

Calendar Alpha

A standard applet with a clock and calendar. Events are taken from Google calendar, by adding the publically accessible URL to warp/conf/calendar/gcal.conf. The clock uses an external Java applet, and can be removed to save time.

Download: Base Minerva Install

Cookery Alpha

A trivial applet which gives you all the conversion units you need when in the kitchen.

Download: Base Minerva Install

Basic Recipes Alpha

A simple applet which parses an XML file to recall various recipes. It's very early stages for this one, but great things are promised by its developer so let's keep our fingers crossed.

Download: Base Minerva Install

Kitchen Timer Alpha

Using the same mechanism as the Cosmic timer, this allows you set to set timing reminders for N minutes, being told (by voice) when it has elapsed. Useful for cooking prompts, etc. Reminders also appear on-screen.

Download: Base Minerva Install

Contacts Alpha

An applet which parses an XML configuration file of personal contact details. This is currently a simple read-only applet, but will grow into a fully editable one.

Download: Base Minerva Install

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