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Media Applets

These either review or control the various media sources available to Minerva.
Name Version Description
TV Guide Alpha

This uses crontab to download a selection of TV channels every night and search them for specific keywords given by the various users. It then builds a results table of all (potentially) interesting programmes for the next three days. These are then accessible to the user through the TV Guide web page. More...

Download: Base Minerva Install

MP3 Jukebox Alpha

A simple applet that lets you explore a designated directory structure and play the MP3 files within using the Bearskin mp3player wrapper. More...

Download: Base Minerva Install

CD Player Alpha

A small applet to handle the internal CD drive of the computer. This will also visit the CDDB web site to retrieve the track listing.

Known Bugs: Problems when a CD finishes playing.

Dependencies: cdcd

Download: Base Minerva Install

Audio Mixer Alpha

This provides full control over the volume of each channel (pcm, wave, line in,etc) of the soundcards mixer. It uses aumix under the hood.

Dependencies: aumix

Future Plans: AJAX controls would be nice!

Download: Base Minerva Install

Video Stream Alpha

A simple applet that hooks into a VLC server to steam audio and video directly to your web browser. The address and port of the server is dictated by warp/conf/vlc/vlc.conf. More...

Download: Base Minerva Install

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