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Bearskin is series of command wrappers that creates a common interface for controlling the device types under Minerva's control. It also maintains the state, in those cases where other software does not support it. This allows replacement software to control the CD player (for example), or for the command to be sent across a network to a different machine.

The currently supported abstractions are all held in /usr/local/minerva/bin include:

  • X10 control

    Usage: /usr/local/minerva/bin/x10control    
       command ::= on off set dim bright get status
       device ::= e1 e2 bedroom_light etc..

  • CD player

    Usage: /usr/local/minerva/bin/cdplayer   [track number]
       device ::= /dev/cdrom
       command ::= count tracks close eject play stop pause resume
                   isdiscpresent isplaying isstopped isdraweropen

  • Media playback (MP3/OGG/Wave)

    Usage : /usr/local/minerva/bin/mp3player   
       command ::= play stop pause resume current artist album length
    Note : This command is blocking, therefore it is usual to place
           it in the background with &

    Usage : /usr/local/minerva/bin/wavplayer   
       command ::= play stop pause resume current

  • Audio mixer

    Usage: /usr/local/minerva/bin/mixer    
       command ::= get set inc dec
       channel ::= master bass treble wave speaker linein microphone
                   cd recording linein1 linein2 linein3

  • Speech synthesis


The <device> in each case will generally be default to indicate the default outstream, which is the set of devices attached to the server machine. In the future this will be expanded to support multiple soundcards and CD-ROMs on the one machine, and connections to remote PCs.

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