Linux Home Automation for the Masses


If you have comments, feedback, or bugs about the software then you can contact the developers at, .

There is also a group: Google group, currently with very low traffic.

There are plans to incorporate major releases into SourceForge. Watch this space for details.


Minerva was originally designed by Steven Goodwin back in 2003, but has its origins in the desires of home automation from way back in the 20th Century, somewhere around 1995. Components have been added and removed during this time, but the basic idea of a smart home, run by Linux, remains unchanged.

The first public code was made available in an article for Linux Magazine in April 2003 to email your video (PDF warning!). None of this code remains in Minerva, but it demonstrates what was already possible, and in production, at this time.

Since then, Steven has presented the ideas of Minerva home automation (or the technology behind it) to NotCon, ZDNet, FOSDEM, and Google. And he is still very active in the Free and Open Source communities.

You can also read Steven Goodwin's biography and bibliography. He might even be speaking at a university or conference near you soon!

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