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Data Sets

This is another way of retrieve information from Minerva. This is for real-time data; or at least, data that is computed in real-time. Each request is made in the same format:
getdata [transport_name] [reference command] [id]
A typical call might be:
getdata media current
All data is computed from a specific transport. Each transport accepts a number of commands, which vary accord to the transport.

The transports are held in:

and currently include media, minerva, tv, weather, and imdb. The result to each command is always in XML.

Media Playback

Transport name: media

Available commands: current
This retrieves full album/artist/song information about the currently playing MP3 or OGG, provided it has been tagged as such.

Minerva (internal data)

Transport name: minerva

Available commands: cooking

This wrappers the plain text from the cooking applet into XML.

$ getdata minerva cooking temperature
<minerva info='cooking'>
  <data field="temperature">
|Fahenheit|Gas Mark|Celsius|
|225      |1/4     |110    |
|250      |1/2     |120    |
|275      |1       |140    |
|300      |2       |150    |
|325      |3       |160    |
|350      |4       |175    |
|375      |5       |190    |
|400      |6       |205    |
|425      |7       |220    |
|450      |8       |230    |
|475      |9       |240    |
|500      |10      |260    |


Transport name: tv

Available commands: showing

Simple details from tvonnow, formatted more effectively.

getdata tv showing bbc1
Or you can retrieve the standard (non-XML) version by omitting the channel reference ID.


Transport name: weather

Available commands: description, high, low, image

Let's you get the individual components of the weathers textual description is formatted XML. The 'image' parameter is unqualified filename (i.e. no path or extension) for the type of shortcut image that should be used for rendering.

You can query for today, tomorrow, or any named day (provided the data has been downloaded) by including it as an additional parameter. e.g. getdata weather low monday


Transport name: movie

Available commands: film person

Intended primarily for 3rd party control apps, this allows commands like:

getdata movie film "star wars"
To retrieve a full breakdown of the film, including writers, composers, actors, and directors. You can then use the reference IDs included in the results to find out more about the person.
# Work out what else have I seen Alec Guinness in...
getdata movie person 0000027 

Note for third party apps: this command requires two invocations of the database to retrieve its data: once to find the film ID from the name, and again for the data. You will note the ID is returned in the XML with the first result, allowing you to cache this data.

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