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If you are new to Minerva or as lazy as I am, then simply grab the entire base archive, and install everything. It's less than 2.2MB and will save headaches.

All the code to Minerva is GPL'd. External dependencies (such as Heyu) may have other licenses.

Current versions...

Base Installation
Version 4.4.1 - 10th August
  • Added audio playback button in MP3 player applet
  • Improved layout of dashboard
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Version 4.4.0 - 6th August
  • Change main web app to function as a dashboard
  • Moved master bar to top of web page.
  • Made master bar permanent addition to web page.
  • Add html conduit
  • Media supports commands for 'title', 'current', and 'artist'
  • Routines to use 01-09, instead of 1-9
  • Add room configurations for Web interface
  • Default web requests to the guest user, if not logged in
  • Fixed error in ajax.js, if non-existant div tag given
  • General improvements to the contacts web app
  • Fixes to MP3player web applet to permit streaming
  • MP3Player web applet defaults to the directory of the currently playing MP3
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Version 4.3.0 -5th February
  • Added different 'sayfile' command for Raspberry Pi (espeak, instead of festival)
  • Wavplay uses 'aplay' if 'play' isn't present (as is usual for RPi)
  • Various fixes to correctly handle arguments to finddev, by replacing $* with $@
  • Limit security footage to SWF files only
  • Moved vtime over to use Bearskin abstraction 'wavplayer'
  • Vtime now supports output device, specified on the command line
  • Alarm now supports output device, specified on the command line
  • Support for ssh commands as Marple transmission method
  • New house design, with gliffy files
  • Fixed bug which prevented '_' being used in parameter names
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Version 4.2.2 - 5th January
  • Added reverse lookup of station names, from fullname to code
  • Added preview for images in explorer browser applet (using embedded base64)
  • Added security applet (based on browser applet) to review security images, and live preview existing cameras
  • Added 'movemotion' script to sensibly order a directory full of motion images
  • Improved browser applet internals
  • Improved browser applet code to report file size, type, and permissions
  • Improved browser applet code to link to files, where available under the web server root
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Version 4.2.1 - 24th September
  • Rewrote the 'onnext' routine for triggering manifest music, to vary the tracks found, and to prevent short playlists when the blocklist is large
  • Added 'list' version of X10 controller
  • Added 'list' report to homedevice
  • Added 'hot day' user scripts to remind you shut the windows
  • Added 'every day' script (/usr/local/minerva/etc/daily/status) for use in lstatus
  • Added an ID to routines, so they can be called by name
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Version 4.2.0 - 12th July
  • Added route configuration to Live Departure Boards
  • Added applet for 'routines' to trigger sequences
  • Added applet for 'mashmode' to change the house state
  • Added applet for 'musk' (user scripts)
  • Added draft of 'infrastructure' applet
  • Added 'house' example, handling all standard house control tasks
  • Added back button on the web interface
  • Formalised the order: mode/routines -> scene -> action
  • Used AJAX to improve loading speed of several applets
  • Fixed weather report applet
  • Did full audit of RSS applet and feeds
  • Added 'within' script for crontab, to execute the script 'within the next N seconds' for humanization
  • New set of routines, as examples. Including one to try and prevent falling asleep on the the train
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Individual Applets
Version 1.0.0
Version 1.0.0
FM Radio control.
Twitter Reporter.
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Backend utilities
Various Versions Download... Download Webface!
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Download FSMLmake.pl
Download fsml2html.xsl
Other Utilities and Software
Version 0.1 Moonbeam provides a simple way to keep track of all your bookmarks in a central location, instead of being attached to whichever browser you're currently using. This scores wins over services like del.icio.us because the data is kept on your server. Visit the Web Site
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Version 1.01a Smitten. A compact (63 Kb) media centre application. Version 1.01a. Now with LCARS skin. Visit the Web Site
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