Linux Home Automation for the Masses
The current base installation of Minerva supports all of this "out of the box"!
  • Control your whole house from one place
  • Three-phase system separates input, process, and output
  • Multiple controls on one web page
  • Minerva TV server
  • Contacts manager
  • Humanistic time reports
  • Vocal feedback, through Festival
  • SOAP control layer
  • Personalised alarm clock
  • Integration with Google calendar
  • FM radio control
  • SMS Control through Gnokii, IntelliSMS, or TxtLocal
  • Infra-red control, through KIRA or LIRC
  • Many web applets including,
    • TV guide, with keyword searches
    • X10 control
    • Video streaming
    • MP3 jukebox
    • Kitchen timer
    • Recipe tool
    • Audio mixer
    • Weather reports
    • Clock
    • Calendar
    • CD Player with CDDB integration
    • RSS feed reader
    • Bluetooth scanning
    • Photo frame
    • Currency conversion
    • Twitter friends timeline, and Twitter status updates
    • Administrative tools (df, top, Samba)
  • and the automatic "make a cuppa" button!
Coming soon...
  • Home noticeboard
  • Bluetooth remote control (J2ME mobile phone application)
  • Jabber (input/output conduit)
  • The XML configuration specifications
  • IRC (input/output conduit)
  • Embedded web pages
  • YouTube collator
  • A number of as yet unannounced features...

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