Linux Home Automation for the Masses


Run the install.sh script as root in the directory, and follow the prompts. You may need want to add additional permissions, change the TV set-up and so on.

User Authentification

Each applet and message conduit queries the Minerva user database to determine whether that user is allow to:
  • read only
  • read and write
to the device or conduit. Having read access generally means that the user can review the state of the system, but not change it. Whereas, naturally, read/write means they can also change it.

Assuming a Minerva user exists (and if not, add one with addminervauser) you can control these parameters with the minuser command. You can determine the rights for an existing user with,

minuser auth steev
which might return,
bluetooth :  r  w
cdplayer :  r w 
mixer :  r w
mp3jukebox :  r w
vox :  r 
x10 :  r w 
You can then add or change permissions by issuing,
minuser auth steev bluetooth set rw
minuser auth steev mp3jukebox set ro
and so on.

When a user is using the web, Apache will authenticate the user against the user list in /etc/apache2/.htpasswd for example. This is the same user that is passed to minuser for authentification - it should match the Minerva user name.

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