Linux Home Automation for the Masses

Principle Products

Red RatComputer-based infrared remote control, allowing machines (even those running Linux) to communicate with real-world hardware.
Keene ElectronicsVarious AV products, including the Keene IR Anywhere system which enables IR commands to be sent via local network or internet!

Principle Services

IntelliSMSSend SMS message from a computer, as supported by Minerva.
txtlocalSend SMS message from a computer, as supported by Minerva.


Laser The blurb, "We specialise in X-10 home automation products for 230V AC 50/60Hz. We stock an extensive range of X-10 POWERHOUSE products. POWERHOUSE home control is unlike other control systems. You don't need to run unsightly wires around the home. Instead, commands are sent over your existing house electrical wiring and received by X-10 modules plugged or wired in anywhere in the home. A simple code-wheel adjustment is all that is required to set the address of each module. X-10 home control provides fingertip remote control of everything from lighting to air conditioning, making life easier whatever your age. We have been supplying X-10 and other Home Automation equipment from our Internet site since 1995. You can buy with confidence from one of the UK's largest and longest established HA distributors."
Let's Automate The blurb, "Let's Automate started as a hobby. I started automating my house during 1998 and found that, at the time, there was very little support available in the UK and Europe for X10 and other home automation "goodies". After thinking it over for a while I took the plunge, and set up Let's Automate." Also known as simplyautomate.co.uk
Habitek Based in Swansea, they have the usual range of equipment, and a primer on X10.
UK-automation From deepest Berkshire, they have X10, CCTV, and the usual security hardware, along with categorized clearance, new, and featured products.


Automated Home They say,"Automated Home was born out of a lack of information on Home Automation on the web, when we decided to build our own smart home in the late 1990s. From the experience with our Self Build we created the Wiring Guide which hopefully has inspired and informed the hundreds of thousands of people that have read it. "

This is my primary mailing list for HA matters. Note that the site is hosted by Laser.com.

UKHA_D Mailing List Archive This is the archive for the Automated Home Website, featured above.
Home Automation Forum Mostly defunct now, but has some good historical information.
AV Forums As the name suggests, discussions of the audio/visual components of home automation systems.


Mini-ITX Power simulator An on-line calculator to approxiamate the power usage of a mini-itx box, with specifiable peripherals.
RFXCom Wireless products for Home Automation.
Loc8tor Wireless tags for helping you find the stuff you've misplaced.
PicoLCD A very nice form factor for basic displays and input. Runs from USB, which means it needs a PC to control it.
Digital Living Network Alliance An organisation planning to ease the communication problems between home hardware devices. Focused on the companies, rather than consumers, though.
Home Gateway Initiative A desire to specify the broadband connection and functionality. Very industry focused.

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