2016 Smart Summit Time to discover more hardware and software that can be incorporated into the next round of Minerva releases..!
2015 All meshed up My plan was to replace the unreliable X10 controllers and lamp dimmers with RF modules. Of course you could never guarantee that the modules could talk to each other directly, my parents have internal brick walls that really wreak havoc with anything wireless. So the network would need to be resilient to this type of problem.
2014 Elephant & Castle Mini Maker Faire Steven Goodwin gives a hour long talk/workshop on the trials and tribulations of building a complete home automation suite.
2013 Smart Home Automation with Linux and Raspberry Pi The new home automation book from Steven Goodwin, has just been released!
2012 IoT London Meetup I've just discovered this meetup group for all things IoT related, of which Home Automation is (IMHO) the grandaddy! Recommended!
2009 Smart Home Automation with Linux Minerva's founder and chief architect, Steven Goodwin, has secured a book deal with leading publisher Apress to expose all the secrets of his smart home, and home automation in general.
2008 Optimus Maximus Keyboard Time to take a second mortgage on your home or break into your kid's college fund - the Fabled Optimus Maximus Keyboard has Arrived
9th November 2008 Minerva at UKUUG Minerva's founder and chief architect, Steven Goodwin, is to present a talk at the UKUUG conference and workshop in Manchester.
22nd September 2008 Moonbeam Moonbeam provides a simple way to keep track of all your bookmarks in a central location, instead of being attached to whichever browser you're currently using. This scores wins over services like del.icio.us because the data is kept on your server.

Additionally, each bookmark can be assigned an arbitrary number of metatags, so web sites that don't fit neatly into one category can be given both of them (e.g. geek, and humour), which also makes finding them easier.

2nd June 2008 Smitten Smitten is a media centre application for playing movies, music, picture slideshows, and reading text on your TV or computer.

Smitten differs from traditional media centres in three major ways:

1. It contains no media playback at all! This makes it very small (and suitable for porting to embedded systems) and quick to initialize.
2. It targets a TV display and interface. This means there's less information on any particular screen, and a much simpler control interface consisting of left, right, up, down, and select. No mouse required!
3. It is also highly skinnable, and cross-platform to most systems.

Essentially, Smitten provides an easy-to-use menu system that allows the user to navigate a hierarchy of files, and view them using an (external) tool.

29th April 2008 Optimus Maximus Keyboard It looks like this keyboard is really going to arrive. Wow! Just thinking about the reports and information that could be present for HA applications is incredible. After all, you'd no longer need a monitor - the expensive bit of kit (in terms of money, and chip space.)
12-14th March 2008 IPTV Forum 2008 We have been prowling around the stands to look for the perfect PVR that'll interface nicely with Minerva. We haven't yet found one, but hopefully someone will step up to the plate and work with us to support Minerva.
4th March 2008 Eleonex One Is this our HA saviour? Possibly!
15th February 2008 Minerva at FOSDEM Minerva's founder and chief architect, Steven Goodwin, is to present a lightning talk at the Free and Open Source Developers European Meeting on the 24th February 2008. Video of this talk!
13th December 2007 Homebrew: Tea at the touch of a button As part of the ZDNet Homebrew challenge, this video explains some of the features available with the Minerva system.
4th December 2007 Five Subtleties of HA HA is not about brute forcing complexity into your daily lives, it's about technology augmenting your life in a subtle natural way. Here are five examples of things I've implemented in Minerva.
29th November 2007 Build on Free Software As most of you know, I do a lot of work within the Free and Open Source communities; so it's natural that my HA setup makes use of this. This post on my zdnet blog briefly outlines which majors pieces of software are featured.