A small selection of screenshots, taken from Minerva. Click on each picture to take you to the full-sized version.

An example of the calendar functionality, which hooks in Google calendar.

By clicking on the light bulb, or the switch, the appropriate light in the house turns on and off. Also note the 'Make A Cuppa' button :)

This TV guide is customized for all the house inhabitants. Me, my teddy bear - the usual crowd ;) Every night the TV schedule for the next few days is downloaded, and searched for keywords specific to each person (magic, music, technology, etc), and this guide is built.

This simple photo viewer also works in full-screen mode where it is suitable for digital photo frames.

This CD player is your standard CD/DVD-ROM drive connected to your computer. It additionally will access the Internet to get the track listing for any CD you put in the drive, automatically. That's right - this screenshot is not faked!

Here is live Minerva/WARP demo which demonstates the multi-applet facility found in Minerva. It also includes some of the basic applets.

Or, just head right over to the Minerva Downloads page.